As the music industry changes and record labels tighten their belts, the opportunity for artists to develop their craft in a safe and supportive environment has become harder to find.

Success takes many forms, and making sure that you get the result you want is not just down to how hard or often you practice.  Writing and Composing, rehearsing your songs, performance to an audience, and creating the ideal recorded version of your work – all require different skills.  And while many artists have dreams of playing in front of thousands of people, others are just as happy creating music that is only ever meant to exist in a recorded version.

Cream Room Sound Productions has all the expertise and experience available for you to draw on in order to fulfil your vision.  We know that there are no rules and no right or wrong when it comes to music, but we have the intuition to provide the space for your creativity, inspiration and talent to flourish.

We are also continuously developing relationships with videographers, design agencies, distribution companies, PR companies, record labels, managers, promoters and web developers so that we can offer access to all the key resources that could help you to succeed.

Contact us today to discuss how our coaching and mentoring could work for you.

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