ITM Ep#008 Kaity Rae

Kaity Rae is a singer-songwriter from North London set to take the UK Country scene by storm in 2016 following a two week songwriting trip to Nashville in April and winning a place in a [...]


Get Ready for the Recording Studio!

When you’ve made (or are about to make) the decision to book time at a professional recording studio to start recording there are a few things you should be thinking about. We often [...]


Let’s Get Physical

With so much focus in the music business directed at the growth of downloads and streaming services it would be easy to think that physical formats are, if not dead, then at least seriously [...]


Girl Power 2

A couple of years ago I got riled up enough to write a post in response to XFM compiling a list of ‘Women Who Rock’ that clearly struck me as pretty uninspired.  That original article [...]


The Cream Room Sessions

We like recording stuff, and you like playing.  When the two come together it makes for a magical and sometimes tingly experience. Earlier this month we welcomed Edward Alice to the studio; [...]


The Best Of 2013 – #1 Paper Aeroplanes

So here we are then, it’s the last day of the year and we have reached the number 1 spot on my short list of favourites from 2013.  I’d keep you in suspense – but that would be [...]


The Best Of 2013 – #2 Lucy Ward

The penultimate installment from my countdown of the best new music from the last 12 months. #2 Lucy Ward Links: Facebook / Twitter Lucy Ward is an award winning 23-year old acoustic artist from [...]


The Best Of 2013 – #3 Roxanne De Bastion

More from my end of the year review of the best new music I discovered in 2013. #3 Roxanne De Bastion Links: Facebook / Twitter Roxanne de Bastion is a Singer / Songwriter born and raised in [...]


The Best Of 2013 – #4 Fred’s House

Continuing my countdown of the best new music I discovered this year. #4 Fred’s House Links: Facebook / Twitter Fred’s House are a five piece band based in Cambridge, their sound is a [...]


The Best Of 2013 – #5 My First Tooth

It’s that odd time of the year between Christmas and New Year, and with a weekend thrown in between it’s difficult to know quite what to do with yourself.  But if you’ve got a [...]

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