Capturing the individual instruments, vocals, effects and rhythms is of course the main part of the recording process. But in the end it won’t count for much without taking care of the editing and mixing.

After we’ve tracked your performance we will begin the process of putting the multiple layers of audio together to make the final finished track. We’ll edit out the bits that don’t work and replace or replicate the bits that do. Then we mix the various layers of instruments to make sure that the overall sound of the track is dynamic and brings out vibrancy and of each instrument. Layering the audio, correcting volume and removing unwanted noise and clicks are all a part of the mixing process.

We will offer to include editing and mixing for every recording session that we run but please note that we highly recommend separating the recording and mixing sessions. Often the final mixing is squeezed in towards the end of the day of studio recording; when bodies and ears are tired – not conducive towards the best result.  However we understand and respect that your time and budget is precious, so we will be delighted to discuss fully with you how we can achieve an excellent outcome from your time at the studio.

We are also delighted to work with tracks recorded elsewhere, either at home or in a pro studio. With the benefit of our experience and expertise you may find we can breathe a whole new life into your recordings with a bit of fresh perspective creative mixing.

We’ve also worked on remix projects and radio edits. If you have a project that you would like to discuss just get in touch.

If your recording is intended as a demo or personal distribution you’ll probably find that a good final mixing job is more than sufficient. But if you want a truly professional finish and you are intending to sell your EP or album commercially – and especially if you are aiming for radio airplay – then we highly recommend getting your recordings professionally mastered.

Mastering adds sparkle and shine to your music, ensures that the sound levels of the songs are similar and in general adds a sense of cohesiveness to your recording.

Mastering is an incredibly subjective process, and although there are software programs that help you master your recording yourself, paying to have it done professionally is a good investment if you plan on releasing your recording.

We are always happy to discuss what is best for you and your project.

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