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A couple of years ago I got riled up enough to write a post in response to XFM compiling a list of ‘Women Who Rock’ that clearly struck me as pretty uninspired.  That original article might be hard track down but you can read mine here ‘Girl Power’.  I’m pleased to see that some of my mentioned acts have gone on to be bigger and better than they were then – my Power Pop list seems a bit dated perhaps; but on the other hand I did give a nod to 2015 BRIT award winner Paloma Faith. And pop moves fast, so I’ll use that as my excuse!

Roxanne De Bastion

Roxanne De Bastion

As we approach International Women’s Day once again it’s reminded me to regenerate this discussion / argument as it is still seems that the role and contribution of women in music is either undervalued or misrepresented.  Check out Female is not a Genre, an article by artist Roxanne de Bastion about her experiences and her take on where it’s all at.  From my own perspective, since I wrote the original post I’ve encountered even more amazing female artists, writers and producers.  Crucially however, it’s not the fact that they’re female that inspires me – it’s the craft, enthusiasm and creativity that appeals.  There are of course plenty of male artists too and I’m not making a case for women being better at this.  However, I found out recently through my friend Helen Meissner at Folkstock Records that only 13% of registered songs at the PRS are by female songwriters so I reckon it’s worth continuing to champion the cause of women in the music industry because there remains an imbalance that could and should be rectified.

Femmes Fatales

Femmes Fatales

For International Women’s Day on 8th March, Folkstock is releasing The F Spot Femmes Fatales – a compilation of ten compelling self penned songs from women; 9 of which were produced by my very good friend and Cream Team producer Lauren Deakin-Davies.  Featuring great Folkstock artists including Minnie Birch and Zoe Wren, a beautiful version of ‘It Is’ by Kaity Rae, and a feature track by folk legend Peggy Seeger. I recommend it.

Lauren was also recently interviewed for the PRS M-Magazine and you can read that here

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