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With so much focus in the music business directed at the growth of downloads and streaming services it would be easy to think that physical formats are, if not dead, then at least seriously injured.  But while it may be true that the mainstream consumer has shifted their purchasing towards the virtual world, as a band or solo musician starting out on a career you could be seriously missing out if you don’t have something more tangible to offer than a link to your twitter feed.

If you’ve ever played live, you know that establishing and captivating an audience is hard work – and it’s a big misstep if you don’t take the opportunity to capitalise on the effort you spent on writing, rehearsing and routining your performance.  Immediately at the end of your gig is the optimum time – while your audience is still engaged – and if you can offer something ‘real’ as an incentive to come and talk then you’re creating a better possibility of opening up a longer term relationship with your potential fanbase.

People like accumulating ‘things’ and when it comes to identifying with, and supporting your next favourite artist there is still nothing more immediate than the humble CD.  Whether you intend to sell it or give it away (but never for free!), it is a vital calling card and the easiest way to deliver your music directly in to the hands of the people who want it most; your fans and supporters.  Having a CD that you can sell or exchange for an email address is a great way to make sure you’ve given that person in the crowd who loves what you do the chance to hear you do it again.

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P.S The feature image shows a  few of the CDs I’ve bought or collected at gigs over recent months.

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