Alexa was 13 years old when she attended one of our mentoring sessions at The Cream Room in October 2012.  We chose this track ‘Lone Wolf’ to work on and although Alexa normally writes on piano, ‘Lone Wolf’ was composed on acoustic guitar so we used that as the base for this version.

During the day we worked with Alexa on composition, arrangement, lyrics, harmonies and also gave her a bit of an insight in to basic studio and production skills.

The finished version features Alexa on lead vocal, backing vocal and keyboards. Acoustic, lead and bass guitar was played by Rob. The drums are loops from ‘Drums on Demand’. We also completed a simple acoustic version of the song to demonstrate the strength of the original composition.

A really great session with Alexa, a very promising young songwriter.

Written and performed by Alexa Mullins
Arrangement by Alexa Mullins and Rob Clydesdale

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