How to Build a Business That Creates Wealth.

Over a number of recording sessions we worked with John to produce the audio of his first published book in the ‘It’s my world and my life’ series.  John had no previous experience of recording but bags of knowledge and expertise as a regular speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops.  All that was required was some guidance in microphone technique, and some pointers on pacing and delivery style for a purely listening audience.  And if it wasn’t quite right a little bit of editing wizardry corrected the minor imperfections to create an audio training book that is a fantastic toolkit for anyone running a business in the 21st Century.

At its heart is understanding and setting goals that will enable you not only to succeed but also to enjoy your success. This is no manual for would-be Gordon Gekkos who are only interested in making money for its own sake. Kettley takes you through a process which will help you place business success in the context of a complete, fulfilled life.

This book has valuable ideas and information on every page, but it doesn’t do all the work for you. To get the most out of it, you have to go through the exercises, in order, and discover your own answers.

I’d recommend this to any entrepreneur, whether you’re just starting or wondering why you’re not as successful as you could be.

Nicholas Blatchley

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