What we do

Sound Production and Recording; sound like you mean it.
  • Commercial and Spoken Word
    For voiceover and spoken word sessions, Cream Room Productions are experienced in all types of voice production.
  • Bands and Artists
    Cream Room Productions have the right package for all stages of your musical career.
  • Working With a Producer
    The Cream Team can  make sure that your hooks, arrangements, lyrics and melodies are the best that they can be.

Sound Production


Bespoke production and editing services for a range of commercial and personal needs: including Voice Over, production music and effects for advertising, podcasts, TV, film, radio and games, royalty and copyright free music.

Music / Artist Recording


Live and raw or a more polished production – first ever recording, or album deal in the bag – backing track or multi-layered – from a single song to full length concept album.

Artist Development & Coaching

Alexa Mullins – Artist Development

Success takes many forms, and there are no rules and no right or wrong when it comes to music, but we provide the space for your creativity, inspiration and talent to flourish.

Editing & Mixing


Capturing the individual instruments, vocals, effects and rhythms is of course the main part of the recording process. But in the end it won’t count for much without taking care of the editing and mixing.



When you’ve spent time, effort and money creating an amazing recording, it’s only natural that you’d want to share it with as many people as possible.  Sometimes there’s no substitute for having a beautiful disc to have and to hold forever.


Live Room

Exclusive access to the fantastic sound of The Cream Room Live Room.  Get the band together to jam out some ideas, and get down to some serious play!

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You can call us anytime on 01920 438926 but if you prefer, use this form to send us an email and we'll get back to you asap.

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